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Credential Clothing is the unsorted, untouched donations left in the exact condition and in the original bags that the donator gave the items to the charity or commercial recycling company in. Credential Clothing is also called Original Clothing.

Garson & Shaw, LLC is the exclusive sales office for 4 collectors currently collecting in 32 cities in the United States. The names of the collectors are USAgain, Planet Aid, The Gaia Movement and RC/OWC.

All collections are done with drop boxes (bins) placed in front of stores and community centers in the wealthier neighborhoods of the cities. The boxes are emptied a minimum of once a week, sometimes more if needed. The driver ensures that all of the clothes are packed in plastic bags and that no trash or wet clothing are in the bags.

The collectors have experience packing 40ft high cube and standard ocean containers, 48ft trucks, 53ft dry Vans, and reefers.

They can press original donation bags into 800-1000 lb bales, leaving the clothing in the original donation bags and packing them loose in a truck - or they can pack the original donation bags into a packaging system called a Cap Sack.

Clothing Bins

Planet Aid Bales

Blue Clothing Bin

The collections are in the following cities:

• Anaheim, CA
• Carson, CA
• Fresno, CA
• Hayward, CA
• Richmond, CA
• Sacramento, CA
• Denver, CO
• Stone Mountain, GA
• Chicago, IL
• West Chicago, IL
• Milford, MA
• Elkridge, MD
• Dowagiac, MI
• Romulus, MI
• New Brighton, MN
• North Kansas City, MO
• St. Louis, MO
• Durham, NC
• Hudson, NH
• Fairfield, NJ
• Albany, NY
• Mount Vernon, NY
• Rochester, NY
• Solon, OH
• Columbus, OH
• Portland, OR
• Hatboro, PA
• North Huntingdon, PA
• Wilkes Barre, PA
• Auburn, WA
• Waukesha, WI

Map of The United States

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